The aviation industry is full of great stories. Every company has a tale to tell — from the largest OEM to the smallest supplier — and each year, thousands of industry professionals travel to trade shows to tell their stories. But with more than 750 exhibitors showcasing their rotary-wing wares, how do you climb above the crowd?

It's simple, really. You provide INSIGHT. INSIGHT is the luxurious trade shows publication that helps your company make a big impression for a small investment. Brought to you by the same publisher that produces the award-winning Skies and Vertical aviation magazines, INSIGHT rises above the plethora of predictable tradeshow coverage.

Imagine telling your story with the help of a professional writer, packaging it with stellar original photography and top notch design, and having it available at the static display, in addition to circulation on the show floor.

Digital Edition | 2016 NBAA


Welcome to the 2016 NBAA edition of Insight magazine.

This special edition of Insight was created to showcase products and services delivered by some of the best companies in the North American business aviation community. These companies are ready to share their latest news, both on the show floor and here, in the pages of Insight.

For exhibitors, Insight represents an affordable, brand new opportunity to stand out from other companies who will be vying for attention at the National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).

Brought to you by MHM Publishing, the same independent, family-owned publishing company that brings you award-winning magazines such as Vertical and Skies, Insight is a new, premium quality publication that tells your story in a sleek and welcoming format.

As technology has changed over the years, so too has the way we receive our show information. In the past, we may have relied on the plethora of show dailies to keep up with event news. But today, thanks to technology, most of us have already read the latest news on our smartphones or tablets even before we make it to the show.

That’s why we are introducing Insight. First introduced at the NBAA tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2015 as Ascend, and re-branded as Insight (providing insight into companies) at the beginning of 2016 to reflect the true meaning of the magazine, Insight is a fresh way of presenting advertising that’s worth reading.

Every exhibitor at the show is here to communicate with the thousands of aviation-minded professionals in attendance, and this is true for the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as well as the smallest supplier. It may be a story about the company, its founder, a new product, or a new service. But often, companies struggle to get their story out at tradeshows because they don’t make it into a show daily, or they can’t afford the premium prices charged by traditional print advertising.

Companies, especially smaller ones, have long struggled to find new and affordable ways to get the attention of showgoers. Until now, their options have been limited.

At Insight, our goal is simple. We exist so that companies, big and small, can make a premium impression at a tradeshow for an affordable investment.

Best of all, we do all the work for you! As you will see in this issue, our rich editorial content is combined with stellar photography, engaging readers with beautifully designed one- or two-page stories.

In this edition, we introduce readers to a number of companies at NBAA-BACE. From Textron Aviation and Bombardier to Pratt & Whitney Canada, Flying Colours Corp. and Levaero, we’re sure these companies and their stories will make a lasting impression!

We hope you enjoy the latest issue of Insight magazine, and we welcome any feedback that you may have. We can be reached at [email protected].

Enjoy the show!

Mike & Linda Reyno
Owners/Publisher, INSIGHT
MHM Publishing

Why Advertise?

Quite simply, there's nothing like it at any trade show. INSIGHT is a high-impact, customized publication that tells your company's story while raising target market awareness of your products and services. Distributed exclusively at major trade shows, INSIGHT communicates your message to a captive event audience, in an exclusive format that gives your show investment an added boost.

INSIGHT delivers so much more than a regular ad! Imagine having access to professional writers, photographers and layout designers who work with you to create just the right trade show message. We deliver that and more, with custom-crafted advertorial guaranteed to showcase your products and services. Our distinctive 12"x11" glossy magazine takes the predictability out of trade show messaging to help you rise above the crowd, make a lasting impact and drive your sales objectives long after the show doors close.

Top Reasons to advertise with INSIGHT

  • Reach a captive audience at a trade show
  • Trade show attendees tend to keep high-quality publications for future reference
  • Reminds existing customers about the products and services you offer
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • INSIGHT is everywhere your audience is
  • INSIGHT is a large, glossy format magazine, which means greater impact and greater attention paid to your advertorial
  • More than an ad - it's your story, in your words
    and pictures
  • High quality images that enhance your story
  • Your story gets read by your targeted audience!

Advertising Specs


  • Professionally designed.
  • Professionally-written articles about your company.
  • Eye-catching photography that engages the audience.
  • Unique 12" x 11" magazine using the heaviest paper stock in the industry to showcase your company.
  • No cluttered advertising pages to compete with your article.

Non-Competitive Environment

Content in INSIGHT is divided into categories to ensure equal representation of different industry sectors. When you book in one of our categories, your profile will be one of a very limited number in your sector. As well, you'll have first right of refusal for the next issue of INSIGHT.


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